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Gua Sha is perfect for completely healed but less than 6-month-old scars, including C-sections, etc. The massage motion of Gua Sha supports breaking down fibers of scar tissue over time, thereby minimising the ropy appearance typically observed with scar tissue.


Using this handheld tool, commonly made out of jade, bone, horn, ceramic, or metal, you can gently scrapes the tool over lubricated skin. This technique creates transitory therapeutic petechia (a reddening of the treated area) bringing healthy blood and nutrients to the area,
breaking down scar and muscular adhesions, reducing pain and promoting healing.

The Western term for this type of scar care is, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). 


It is advised to wait at least 6 weeks before attempting to massage the scar tissue. In some cases you may need to wait 8 weeks, depending on how long it takes for your incision to heal.

C-Section Scar Care: Jade Stone Gua Sha Tool

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